(Woonkamer van de 'Kammeroaj')

a photographic story about friendship.

 this story needs to be told...

Since the government adjusted drink regulations, there has been a shift from young people on the street, from young people in these places we call "Keet". "Keet" is an phenomenon that is unique to our Dutch culture and it's mostly found in small villages or in the country. They are located on private properties, in old barns or separate parts of residences. These are places where youthful friends come together and have fun. For example: they play darts, watch soccesgames, or just chillin' while having a beer together. 


When I was young, there was no such thing. It intriged me how life had changed over the years and I wanted to see for myself how our childeren grow up in relatively safe conditions. For a year, I followed this particular group of friends and their "keet". I pleased me to see how enterprising and grown up they already where.


They have been organizing multiple small events for themselves, but also for friends and neighbours. They had events like "Oktoberfest", "Sinterklaas", Christmas and Carnaval. 

They sort their own waste of empty cans, glass and paper and donate the proceeds to other neighbourhood associations. 


My goal was to shoot a realistic series of the Keet-life and help these kids get out of anonymity.   

It was rewarded with a Masters degree in the Dutch Photographers Association.  

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