"I am"

(victim of an acid attack)

a photographic story about strenght and perseverance.

this story needs to be told...

Most frightening was the attitude of the society which she only understood then.

Unless a woman is very strong and has moral values it is very difficult to overcome.
Acid attack on women is the most devastating form of social injustice. 
It makes them suffer with mental agony until the last breath of their lifes.
The disfigutrmrnt and disabilities caused by the acid attack are permanent. 
Most women find it important to have certain (beauty), appearance to the outer world.
Mahalakshmi feels there is a inner beauty in all the acid attack survivors and the society has to look into this aspect.
Her struggle in anchieving her goal should be carried to all parts of the world, because acid attack survivors can make wonders in this society.
Off course acceptance and respect from various sections of society will help in reliving a pain of a woman in distress, in the hope to break down those four walls and help her out of solitary confinement.
The four pillars of the society the judiciary, the legislature, the executive and the media have all played a important role in the welfare of acid survivors, so her life.
In India there are many amendments taken place making the law more stringent in punishing the accused in acid attacks.
The gouvernment has come forward with various rahabilitative measures like providing free treatment at both government and private hospitals, employment, housing facility and monthly pension for the acid attack survivors.
All these measure will defitely help the acid attack survivors, to lead a peaceful life until the last breath.. 

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