As a documentary photographer, Jan Janssen capture the moments he recognises in his fellow human beings, especially those elsewhere in the world. In everyday moments, he finds the same needs, insecurities or pleasures that all people enjoy in their lives - albeit to different degrees. Travelling is inseparable from Janssen's photographic pratice. On the one hand, travelling is an opportunity to discover who you are yourself. By travelling to other places, Jan seeks precisely the things we have in common. In a world of polarisation and contrasts,  sometimes even on one continent, Janssen settles geographical and symbolic boundaries by photographing people in a pure essence. He photographs the richness of our most basic human needs, like freedom, family and security - or, conversely, the absence of their obviousness. To create his photographs, Janssen works on location for long periods of time. He often returns to the same place during subsequent trips. Here he builds a bond with the local people, a bond based on mutual respect and dignity. This 'photgraphing with a free heart' allows him to get as close to people as possible. Only in this way can he penetrate to the essence of their being, and then capture it on camera.


artist statement

 "As a true sentimentalist, I express my feelings through my images.

I get inspired by authentic cultures and the pure beauty of our Earth.


As an artist, I'm always searching for that one, perfect moment where everything comes together.

Those moments tell my story. 


Through the years I developed my own, strong style. Powerful images which show passion, with space for your own story as a viewer."

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