Februari 2018

Winner of the International Discovery of the Year Award !!

IPOTY 2017




December 2017


LensCulture Winter Exhibition, New York


Klompching Gallery



Juni 2017,


PX3 news from Paris: 3 Awards ! 


Gold for portrait "Longing for tomorrow"   



  Silver for portrait "Lost  in Uganda"



Gold for series "Proud for one second"







June 2016,


Gold en Silver for the unique book "The Himalaya my home".


These awards are given to me on the MIFA Photo Awards 2016 in Moscow, for the categories "People"and "Overall".

There are also photographs selected for the MIFA Winner exhibition,

which will be held in the month of july, in the PhotoLoft in Moscow.


How wonderful is that!









Mei 2016,


Publication in Better Photography Magazine, India!


A wonderful way to share your story with the world.

Thank you Conchita ;)





















April 2016,


Silver medal for "Eagerly awaiting" at the PX3 in Paris!


It feels wonderfull to win this price for a single shot,

in the category Documentary.

The thema of the competition was "Red".










Maart 2016,


Award for photographer at the HIPA in Dubai!!


4th winner at HIPA, Hadam International Photography Award 2016.

Theme "Happiness", in the category "Father and Son".

What a wonderfull experience was that!


The picture is telling;

Comforting his sick and disabled son, the eyes of the father reveal a story of daily struggle and strength.

A love that is challenged but not diminished.








January 2016,,




2 Gold medals at Prix de la Photographie Paris!!



Two times awarded  with the photobook "The Himalaya my home"

for the First Price "PX3 2015 PEOPLE CHOICE".


In the category's  "Documentary" Book Proposal (series Only)

and "Overall Winner" Book Proposal (series only).


It makes me proude to recieve these people's choice awards!


Thank you all.












Augustus 2015,


Extra attention for this series at the Dutch 'photo National' competition.

 Title "Jungle of reality".

These photo's are about older people in Europe.

Older are often abandoned by their children and get caught up in solitude.

Loneliness among the elderly and malnutrition as a result, is the chosen topic.




June 2015,


Silver medal at PX3 2015, Prix de la Photographie Paris.


In the category "Documentary" Book Proposal (serie only),

for the entry entitled, "The Himalaya my home". 


The jury selected PX3 winners from thousands of photography entries over

85 countries, for the biggest photo competition for Europe.






2 november 2014,


As one of the finalists for the 12th Annual Lucie Awards, I walked down the red carpet of New Yorks Carnegie Hall, together with Monique. On this chilly sunday evening, the Awardshow in Zankell Hall gave us goosebumps. Just beiing there with great people and fantastic photographers like Susan Baraz, Hossein Farmani, Carrie May Weems, Nick Ut and many more, was such an amazing experience!


Winner for the "Discovery of the Year" Award was a collegue photographer from Ukrainë. He submitted with his serie "Nature", wich I thought was really impresive. 

My book won the title in its both categories, "people" and "documentary",  and it bacame overall winner of all bookcategories. I received two honorable mentions. Those titels, together with all of the nice people we have met, the fine words there where spoken,and the energy New York City gave us, made this trip very special to us. 


We went home with great satisfaction!!
I'd like to thank everyone for a great experience and celebration at The Lucies!



October 2014,


International prices for the photobook "The Himalaya my home".


The book became a double winner at the IPA contest (International Photography Awards

in the non-professionals categories "Book-self publised / people" and "Book-self publised / documentaire".



It was chosen as overall-winner in al bookcategories, and therefor,

I became one of the finalists for  the Lucie Award "Discovery of the Year 2014".

Can you imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when the message from Los Angeles arrived with the announcement of this honor.

Monique and I are invited to the Lucie Awards gala ceremony in New York on november 2nd, at Carnegie Hall,

where the winner will be announced.


Amazing news!! 





July 2014,


My girlfriend and I travelled the Himalayas this summer for a special reason.

The ultimate closure of years of heavy travelling, taking people's pictures, photographing their day to day habits and the though months 

of really hard work towards the day the book-dream changed into a real book.

After the foreword of His Holiness, there was just one other to-wish-for left: to personally hand over a copy of the book, and symbolical close a period of my life.


We were lucky enough to meet His Holiness on june 30th! A very, very special meeting of about 20 minutes, in wich we freely could speek to H.H. and he was sincerely interested! 


(pictures above are taken at the moment Jan handed over his book. click to enlarge)  




November 2013,


This is another dream coming true! On a late afternoon, a crumpled letter was delivered at my house. It was the letter from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, which he wrote me personally as a foreword for my photobook. It arrived just in time for the deadline and so it enriches the book in an incredible way. 




September 2013,


Gold for my winning fotobook "The Himalaya my home".                                                       At the Xerox "Best of the best Award" in Amerika.

This is an annual competition of the Xerox Graphic Arts Premier Partners in the USA and contains several categories like books, photobooks, packaging, promotions and others.


This is absolute fantastic! Words can't discibe the proud feelings we have!  




April 2013,



Photo 'Nun Ladakh' rewarded GOLD at the BondsFotoWedstrijd!


This is an annual, national competition for amateur photographers,  organised by the Dutch Photographers Assosiation. 

This year, 1780 pictures entered the competition and only 5 of them rewarded gold! For more information: www.fotobond.nl 




September 2011,


Sports..movement in a frame.


Sports photograpy is alive and kickin'!

Highlights in each game are loved moments for lots of people.

This picture of a Tibetian Khampa man, falling from his horse, is shot in Litang-Tibet and is published in quarterly magazine "InBeeld" from the Dutch Photographers Assosiation. 




November 2010, 



My meeting with His Holiness de Dalai Lama!


My story in magazine "Vorm en Leegte"  nr 4 of 2010, is about me shaking hands with His Holiness de Dalai Lama !

I quote; 'I held his hand as long as possible and a feeling of unabased satisfaction run trough my body'. 


Tashi Deleg,  Jan