About the photographer.



Dutch artist Jan Janssen is best known for being an people-photographer.

While using only the natural availible light, he always has his eyes on composition and details.

His heart is with the elderly in our society and the Buddhist inhabitants of the Himalayas.


He specialized in documentary photography with a photographic culmination in 2013, when he launched his successfull photobook "The Himalaya, my home".

The book was awarded several times with international awards.


He is currently working on a series on poverty in Europe.





"As a true sentimentalist, I express my feelings trough my images. I get inspired by authentic cultures and the pure beauty of our Earth.


As an artist, I'm always searching for that one, perfect moment where everything comes together. Those moments tell my story.


Trough the years I developed my own, strong style. My images show passion, with space for your own story as a viewer."


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